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Sep 13, 2012
I love my copy of phpSuperCart.


Apr 19, 2011
I have to say that I am some kind of impressed!


Oct 22, 2012
Sign me up!


Technical Support
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You can view a demo of PHP Super Cart in action and also a demo of the Admin Panel. Please note the Admin Panel will not update details for security purposes.

Now Running phpSuperCart Version 4.2!

PHP Super Cart Demo
PHP Super Cart Admin Demo

Admin Login
Username : admin
Password : password


It's easy to download a full version of PHP Super Cart and set up the ecommerce shopping cart system. You will need to generate a demo license. Installation and setup is very simple. However, if you have any problems installing or configuring PHP Super Cart with your web host please let us know and we will be glad to help out. For technical support, please post in our forum.

Steps to setting up the Demo on your website:

  1. Download PHP Super Cart here
  2. Unzip PHP Super Cart on your local workstation (you can unzip on the server too)
  3. Upload PHP Super Cart IN BINARY MODE to your web server
  4. Create a license file here
  5. Upload the license file to the /phpsupercart directory (or whatever directory you created to put PHP Super Cart into)
  6. Configure PHP Super Cart, it take less than 10 minutes to follow the instructions here

That's it. You can easily change the look of PHP Super Cart to match your existing website by just modifying one template file.


The website is built with PHP Super Cart: We think we're the best demo available :)

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